Pairs 2.1.3

Test your powers of recall with this simple matching game


  • Extremely easy to play especially kids
  • Three different levels
  • Different card styles


  • Needs more animations and sound effects
  • No limit on the number of turns you can make


I'll welcome any application that claims to help improve my memory and Pairs does exactly that. It does so in the form of a traditional but fun matching game which reminds of the card game 'Patience'.

Pairs is a simple tile-matching game which tests your memory in a race against the clock to match pairs of tiles in the shortest possible time. Pairs includes a number of tile styles - such as pictures or numbers - and three difficulty settings. Even the easy level is quite tough though and by the time you get to advanced, you'll be paranoid that you're losing your memory!

The level of difficulty could have been increased by limiting the number of moves you can make. As it is, you can turn over as many cards as you want until you complete each level. However, the aim is to get onto the high score table with the minimum number of turns to complete a set. There are not many preferences although you can toggle the 'tinging' sound on and off each time you turn a card.

It would have been nice to see more levels of difficulty plus a few more imaginative graphics (such as animations behind the squares) in Pairs. But as a simple matching game, it does its job well.



Pairs 2.1.3

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